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    • Ina 29 juli 2011.jpg
      Veterans welcome

      Come be with me, what is this soldiers uniform you are wearing? Tell me about when you and I parted, how have you been since then? You haven’t changed much, apart from your clothing in green, and though your eyes show the horrors you’ve seen ‘t is still you. Was it cold where they sent you, where is it that you have been? You don’t say much now, you just drink my wine Is that a...

    • Tim-Gray1x1.jpg
      Tim Gray

      A lot of people are interested in World War II, but not many people can bring it to life in vivid new ways. Documentary maker Tim Gray is racing to tell the stories of the veterans who saved the world.

    • American-Flag-4x3.jpg
      Honor Those Who Served Boldly

      This week, America pauses to honor the men and women who have served so bravely and selflessly to guarantee all Americans enjoy the rights and freedoms our founders imagined.

    • b17.jpg
      Taking Flight Into History

      The most effective, devastating and romanticized aircraft of WWII was the B-17. Countless books and movies dramatize the Flying Fortress and the 10-men crews that flew them. Here is a chance to take a rare flight in the plane that ruled the skies.

    • Motocross-16x9.jpg
      Lifelong Learning Minute: Motocross Veterans

      It's the ultimate motorized highwire act, requiring lightning-fast reflexes, incredible strength and stamina, and nerves of steel.

    • Bill-Coleman16x9.jpg
      World War II's Fading Memories

      There aren't many people like Bill Coleman. There used to be, but World War II vets are vanishing. Listen to his stories about jumping from a plane on D-Day and understand why his really was the greatest generation.

    • Kittinger 25th Anny.jpg
      25 Years Later: An Aviation Legend Remembers

      In 1984, at the age of 56, fighter pilot, daredevil and American aviation hero Joe Kittinger completed the first solo trans-Atlantic balloon flight from Maine to Italy. 25 years later, he shares his story with Growing Bolder. Here's a sneak peek.

    • Phil-Kulbes-4x3.jpg
      Forgotten Hero of the Korean War

      Today, the Korean conflict is considered the "forgotten war." It began just five years after the end of World War II and has been overshadowed by the Vietnam War. One of many forgotten heroes was Phillip Kulbes, who received a Silver Star for his bravery.

    • Tim-Gray-Utah-Beach16x9.jpg
      They Saved the World

      Tim Gray was always fascinated with stories of World War II and the men and women who saved the world. He left behind a career as a successful TV sports reporter because he knew time was running out to capture these stories.

    • Mickey-Carroll16x9.jpg
      Old Dogs Can Rock

      Songs about dogs? Credit cards? Raising a child? Mickey Carroll has quite a unique approach to music these days. Back in the 1950s when he released his first record, being a star was all about ego. Now, he's found a more rewarding definition.

    Viewing 1-10 of 56