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Items Related To Tag 'woman'

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    • Angie Washo.jpg
      Woman Loses Leg but Not Drive for Life

      Angie Washo is the first woman and only amputee ever to compete in the AlCan Road Rally. Remarkable that two years before, her leg was severed when a hit and run driver hit her motorcycle.

    • Shavers_VP6_512K_Stream.flv snap shot
      Problems With Your Shaver? Let a Woman Fix It

      She took over the shop decades ago. Growing Bolder discovered she knows more about shaving than any man!

    • Eileen-Kisailus-3x4.jpg
      Eileen Kisailus

      Any mother, grandmother, wife or woman can attest to the changes going on through their body as they age. For Eileen Kisailus, she used her understanding of a woman's hormones to create a business that caters to just that.

    • latenightmuserjpg
      The same -thank God we're not

      There is a characteristic of humans that is our saving grace. It is something we never think about and just take for granted. Yet it is one thing that has precluded many a conflict, both among individuals and nations. It is also the thing that allows multiple companies to sell similar products. It is so simple that I doubt if it has ever been studied. It's so obvious that it's never talked...

    • stacy-allison1x1.jpg
      Stacy Allison

      The first American woman to conquer Mt. Everest has a message of hope and determination for anyone seeking to improve their life.

    • latenightmuserjpg
      The woman in the GPS - from my book, Late Night Musings

      Most of my long distance driving consists of about a sixty mile, one way trip to Orlando, Florida. Other times it is driving in the local area. Neither requires a map for specific directions; I know where I’m going on those trips. However, this past month I drove to Charleston, SC to spend a pleasant four days with some high school classmates. I also had the unpleasant need to travel to...

    • latenightmuserjpg
      The bird and the woman

      Listening to a bird singing his song Looking at a woman all alone. Her heart is broken as are her dreams Her future shattered too. The words of love she once heard Just echo in her mind. The pledges once made now forsaken No longer holds any meaning. Her hopes are dashed, crushed under his feet Her hopes transformed into prayers. The life to be now never will...

    • Growing Bolder

    • Growing Bolder

    Viewing 1-10 of 495