Alison Arngrim


Alison Arngrim portrayed nasty Nellie Olsen on the iconic TV show “Little House on the Prairie,” but guess what? She grew up to be one fantastic person. Not only is she clever, talented and side-splittingly funny, she’s also a fearless fighter on behalf of victims of child abuse.

Several years ago she revealed she had been abused as a child. Now, as a board member of the National Association to Protect Children, she is doing what she can to make a difference. She’s spoken before the California Senate and worked on campaigns in other states as well.

She’s quite busy these days, but the project generating the most curiosity is her one-woman show called, Confessions of a Prairie Bitch. It features stories, anecdotes and lessons learned from her time on Little House.

Find out who Alison says was the real nasty child on the set!

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