Self-Care as We Re-Engage

Growing Bolder’s Bill Shafer and Dr. Nick Dewan, vice president of Behavioral Health at Florida Blue Medicare, talk about the challenges people face in making the transition from living with the “deadly threat” of the pandemic to adapting to the world today.

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The Key to Active Aging is Active Living

The key to active aging is active living. We all have a great deal of power over how we age. Don’t sit back. Lean in. Turn Active Aging Week into an active aging life by understanding the ICAA’s 7 Dimensions of Wellness and embracing the keys to whole person health.  

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Unplug from Life and Recharge Your Spirit | Active Aging Week

As important as our social connections are to our wellness, research shows that our inner connection affects our overall wellbeing, too. Having a spiritual life is one of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness. Living with meaning and purpose, guided by our personal values, provides us with a framework to navigate the inevitable challenges of life with peace and inner strength. 

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