Self-Care as We Re-Engage

Growing Bolder’s Bill Shafer and Dr. Nick Dewan, vice president of Behavioral Health at Florida Blue Medicare, talk about the challenges people face in making the transition from living with the “deadly threat” of the pandemic to adapting to the world today.

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The Answer to Movement Longevity Lies in Our Feet

Maintaining movement as we age is critically important to our quality of life. Functional podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal of Naboso demonstrates how caring for sensory stimulation in our feet affects our balance, physical strength, and our nervous system, leading to longer and healthier lives.

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The Big Impact of Small Gestures

Small gestures can have a big impact, even decades later. Growing Bolder CEO Marc Middleton had forgotten about his swimming medals he had given away to younger swimmers in the 1970’s, but was floored when he learned of the profound impact it had on their lives. Now, he’s taking this lesson a step further and showing how we all can inspire the next generation with random acts of kindness.

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