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Last Updated on March 12, 2024

As important as our social connections are to our wellness, research shows that our inner connection affects our overall wellbeing, too. Having a spiritual life is one of the 7 Dimensions of Wellness. Living with meaning and purpose, guided by our personal values, provides us with a framework to navigate the inevitable challenges of life with peace and inner strength. 

There are many ways to foster greater meaning in our lives, including: 

1. Meditation – Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to rewire itself, creating new neural pathways in response to both experiences and to focused thinking, like meditation. Reset your mind with a Meditation Moment at HumanaNeighborhoodCenter.com 

2. Time in Nature – Some find peace and connection in the beauty of a sunrise, a bird’s call, or a gentle breeze. Charles Dasher finds it on the water and biking trails. “Somebody told me the other day that it’s a God experience, the great outdoors. That’s truly what it’s been for me,” said Dasher. “I used to be very judgmental of myself and very hard on myself. I’m not that anymore. I’ve grown to a point where I have a much greater understanding of who I am, and how I move around in the world.”

3. Creative Expression – Belenda Cypress was lost when her husband died suddenly on their 45th wedding anniversary. She channeled her sadness by writing poetry and turned to her faith to keep going. She shares her poems hoping to inspire others facing challenges, even going into jails to read them to inmates. “Keep that hope that people sometimes lose when life doesn’t come out exactly the way you expected it to. Don’t give up,” Cypress said. “Always, always put someone else ahead of yourself, because that is the secret to your joy and peace. Ask for the peace, and you will get it.” 

4. Mindful Movement – Mindful exercises like yoga and tai chi are other excellent ways to connect our minds and bodies. As we mindfully follow our breath, our bodies relax, and our stress reduces.  

5. Faith-based Communities – According to a study published in The Journals of Gerontology, being a part of a religious community decreases symptoms of depression and increases levels of optimism. No matter your beliefs, connecting with a community of people with shared values helps us be open to more good in the world and reinforces greater meaning in our lives.  

Humana and the International Council on Active Aging are dedicated to helping you on your journey to whole-person health. Click here to download our complimentary Playbook for Active Aging: 7 Keys for Whole Person Health. Inside you’ll find the 10 principles of co-mindfulness and a worksheet to help you reflect on the relationships in your life. 

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