Enter A New Stage Of Life With A ‘What’s Next’ Attitude


Last Updated on August 9, 2023

Our later years offer so many exciting opportunities when we embrace a ‘what’s next’ attitude. While an ageist society preaches pessimism about the challenges of aging, Growing Bolder shines an inspirational spotlight on all the blessings to come as we get older. 

People are gifted more time to pursue their passions, to chase their dreams and create a legacy in their later years. It is never too late to dive headfirst into life and seize the opportunity ahead of us. 

Look no further than the National Senior Games, the largest multi-sport qualifying event in the entire world. More than 11,000 athletes over the age of 50 attended the 2023 games in Pittsburgh and, astonishingly, the NSGA reports that more than half of all senior games athletes didn’t even start competing until they were over 50 years old.

Let that serve as inspiration to look ahead with excitement and optimism. Many of these athletes weren’t record holders or champion athletes in their younger years. They chose to get into the health and wellbeing movement and look at life through a prism of possibility, regardless of their age.  

This same optimistic attitude can be applied to our lives beyond the passions we pursue. Every one of us will face a life transition eventually. Whether it is downsizing our home, relocating a family member, or even taking advantage of the benefits that assisted living could provide, these transitions can seem daunting. The good news is that there is help available to ease the stress and allow us to capture a positive mindset. 

It’s for this very reason that Growing Bolder has partnered with Caring Transitions, the nation’s leading total solutions provider in the space of life transitions, who share the same mission of helping adults enter their later years with momentum and eagerness. 

“Every bit of our day is moving towards something new, a new experience, a new span of life, and at Caring Transitions we embrace it,” Carrie Coumbs, Caring Transitions senior strategic advisor said.  

“It’s the embracing of ‘what’s next.’ When you’re working with a professional, they understand that that first day living experience is what’s going to launch you into tomorrow fully embracing this opportunity as best as you can. And when they pack up a home diligently putting it back together piece by piece in your new community setting, you walk in after they’ve done all of their magic, you get to start that first day living. 

That’s the most honored and amazing support I have seen in the space of aging to help a senior be who they are on that very first day.” 

It’s a lesson that can apply to everyone. When thinking about the years ahead, there is always an opportunity to embrace that ‘what’s next’ attitude. Be positive about the chance to get in the game, to try a new hobby, make a new friend, travel or make a new move. 

Whether it is aiming to compete in the National Senior Games for the first time, or reaching out for help to plan for upcoming changes in your living situation, there is always a way to be positive about what’s possible. 

To learn more about Caring Transitions total solutions services, such as downsizing, relocating, home cleanouts and estate sales, visit CaringTransitions.com 

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