Two By Two: Life Is The Better On The Road

Were it not for walking, 82-year-old Karl- Heinrich Barsch would likely be in a wheelchair. Were it not for running, his wife, 84-year-old Terttu Barsch, would likely be dead. The Barsches are part of the irrefutable and growing body of evidence that proves the benefits of an active lifestyle.

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Speed Skater Apolo Anton Ohno

Something we all have in common is our fear of change, yet change is something we all face. One of the biggest changes happens when our careers come to an end. Then what? This is true whether you’re an ordinary person or the most decorated US Winter Olympian of all time. Speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno hasn’t been in the Olympics since 2010 but he’s still making an impact, this time by empowering you to make your life’s transitions be the best they can be.

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May 15, 2022: Live from the National Senior Games

We’re LIVE in Fort Lauderdale with a recap of another exciting day at the 2022 National Senior Games! Be inspired by the only 2 athletes who have competed in EVERY National Senior Games to date. We’ll share the life lessons that some special triathletes have learned from years of training, visit the track to hear the story of Madelaine “Tiny” Cazel, and watch another swimming record broken today by our very own Marc Middleton!

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May 14, 2022: Live from the National Senior Games

We’re LIVE in Fort Lauderdale for a record-setting day at the 2022 National Senior Games! Tune in to watch a new record that Marc Middleton set today at the pool, plus hear the inspirational story of swimmer DeEtte Sauer! We’ll also bring you the latest from Track & Field, Bowling, and a family of competitors who hit the mark on World Archery Day!

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