Man on the Run: Ben Beach

Ben Beach holds one of the most amazing records in sports and it’s a record he breaks every year. Now in his mid-60s, the man who has run 48 straight Boston Marathons explains why and how he keeps going.

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Dottie Gray

The Indomitable Dottie Gray

If you think someone 90 or older can’t bounce back from a broken hip, prepare to have your mind changed. Meet Dottie Gray, the 94-year-old who had her hip replaced less than a year ago and still showed up to compete at the National Senior Games.

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Philipp Djang: A Fish Out of Water

Philipp Djang is one of the most decorated swimmers in National Senior Games history. How is he surviving life during the pandemic, which means the end of swim practices? Growing Bolder checks in with him to discuss this and more.

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