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5 Questions With Silicon Valley’s Oldest Employee

Barbara Beskind smashes stereotypes every time she goes to work. At 94, she is by far the oldest member of the world-famous, human-centered design team IDEO in Silicon Valley. Some of IDEO’s designs include Apple’s first mouse and the Pilates machine. Many of Beskind’s co-workers are 60 or even 70 years younger, but they’re soaking up her life experiences.

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Criticism: On My Mind

2,000 years ago, the Greek philosopher Aristotle said “There’s one way to avoid criticism, to do nothing, to say nothing and be nothing.” Marc Middleton talks about how to forge on in a world that seems full of critics.

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Stamatis Moraitis | On My Mind

Have you heard the story of Stamatis Moraitis? He was a Greek immigrant who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer at the age of 65. Doctors told him he had one year to live. Stamatis did die…36 years later at the age of 102. Marc Middleton shares what we can learn from his story.

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