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5 Questions With Silicon Valley’s Oldest Employee

Barbara Beskind smashes stereotypes every time she goes to work. At 94, she is by far the oldest member of the world-famous, human-centered design team IDEO in Silicon Valley. Some of IDEO’s designs include Apple’s first mouse and the Pilates machine. Many of Beskind’s co-workers are 60 or even 70 years younger, but they’re soaking up her life experiences.

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Free Miracle Treatment | On My Mind

Have you heard about the free miracle treatment that slows or even reverses the effects of aging? A treatment that has been verified by hundreds of independent studies to be effective in combatting all age-related diseases? Marc Middleton has the details.

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The Blind Visionary

Miami Lighthouse for the Blind was the first agency in the United States to rehabilitate adults for mainstream competitive employment. In January of 2001 Virginia Jacko took a three-month medical leave from Purdue and came there as a client to learn the skills she needed to live independently once her eyesight was completely gone. Twenty years later, Jacko’s still there, now as the president and chief executive officer.

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