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Last Updated on December 11, 2023

For decades the “traditional” expectations of what our working years are meant to look like stayed the same: Get an education, work in the same field for 40+ years, then retire from work altogether in your mid-60s to sit back and relax.

This stereotypical career trajectory is outdated and no longer applies to the modern elder. It is never too late (or too early) to reinvent yourself, learn new skills, meet new people, and even start a new career. All it takes is a willingness to lean into life, to embrace your passions, and not be afraid to say “Yes!” to an opportunity.

As you may have read in this article, a new landmark study by Age Wave found the majority of older adults no longer view retirement as a time for resting on their laurels. Those over 50 are eager to turn the page on a new chapter in life and make a difference in the world with a second act. Fifty-nine percent of adults reported they wanted to continue to work in their later years, either full time or part time.

This new view of a career life in our later years has health benefits. Research has shown that having a sense of purpose is key to longevity. Regardless of age, race, ethnicity and gender, we all can live longer and healthier lives when we have a reason to get up and keep going every day.

Are you eager to find your own “what’s next?” There are countless ways to make a professional pivot, but for those who want to work in a field with a passion for helping others, consider becoming a franchise owner for Caring Transitions. They are the nation’s leading total solutions provider when it comes to senior relocation, downsizing, estate sales, home cleanouts, online auctions and more.

Caring Transitions franchise owners are more than just small business owners. They are compassionate leaders of teams who care about their community and want to see older adults treated with the love and respect they deserve during life’s difficult transitions. Whether it’s helping an older adult move to a new community or helping families to sort through the items and keepsakes that have accumulated through the years, Caring Transitions franchisees are at the forefront of making a differencein the lives of others every day.

Here’s what a few Caring Transitions owners have to say:
Kimberly Bigby

Co-Owner, Caring Transitions of Port Jefferson

“Everyone deserves to have two careers in their life: the one they had to have and the one that feeds their soul. The Caring Transitions franchise is my opportunity to feed my soul.

Caring Transitions resonated with me because of all that I went through with my mom. When she passed away, there was this person who was there for me as my eyes and ears when I didn’t even realize I needed help. All I could think when I read about Caring Transitions was, ‘Everybody needs this person.’

I’ve walked in your shoes. I know what it feels like. We can do whatever it is that you need us to do so that you have time to shed the tears that you need to shed, and just know that we’ve got you.”

Lisa Malvea

Franchise Owner, Caring Transitions of Roswell & Buckhead, GA

“My mother had Alzheimer’s and my dad had dementia, so I saw the journey that families went through. Caring Transitions gave me the ability to use my personal experience with my parents to help other people. I had spent 35 years in corporate America. My father was one of the first Burger King franchisees, so I grew up working in a franchise. I’m a big believer in the franchise system, and a national brand. Not only are we helping somebody right in our community, but we’re getting the benefit of having a national network for support.”

Stefanie Silvan

Franchise Owner, Caring Transitions of Western Montana

“I love to help people, that is my purpose on this earth. My grandpa had dementia and we didn’t have any resources. My mom was distraught, and I got in this mode of, ‘We’ve got to help him, we’ve got to get him into a proper home.’ I cleaned out his house and took care of it, but there weren’t any resources. So when I heard of Caring Transitions, I thought, ‘I can do that for so many other people.’ Every time I go to a consult, I think of my grandpa.”

Erik and Carly Olson

Franchise Owners, Caring Transitions of Winter Park

“The core of why we joined Caring Transitions is that it’s just about helping others. We both have backgrounds in healthcare, so it was the idea of being able to help the senior population, with our experience knowing what they’re going through,” Erik said.

“I love aging people because of the wisdom they have gained from all of those years of life,” Carly added. “My grandmother didn’t have formal education, but she was the smartest woman that I ever knew. And she’s why I think I’m so passionate about this business. I want people to be able to age with grace. You should be able to have a life that you are happy to live, and moving to a new community can make that happen for you.”

Noel and Rydell Cajudo

Franchise Owners, Caring Transitions of Menifee

“I spent 27 years in the Navy. It felt great serving the country. I fully retired, but then I got bored,” Noel said. “I was taking care of my elderly parents, and volunteering at a senior community. I realized that helping seniors was my calling.”

“We fell in love with the vision and culture of Caring Transitions and how we can give back,” added Rydell. “We didn’t know anything about sales and business, but we were able to rely on the Caring Transitions coaches to call on for help and guidance.”

“When you meet other Caring Transitions owners and employees, you see the common denominator that these people are really caring. It’s that difference that you can make in others’ lives, especially at a stage when they really need it,” Noel shared.

There are more than 75 million seniors who need help with home relocation and liquidation across the country. To learn more about becoming a franchise owner and joining a team with more than 300 locations nationwide, visit CaringTransitionsFranchise.com

This article was created in partnership with our friends at Caring Transitions. To learn more about their total solution services visit CaringTransitions.com.

Tara Collingwood is a nationally known sports dietitian who has worked with countless Olympic, professional and collegiate organizations and competitive athletes to help them perform at their best. She has been quoted in more than 1500 publications and has appeared on hundreds of interviews on TV, radio, podcast, and stages across the country.

This article is featured in the Winter 2023 issue of The Growing Bolder Digital Digest.

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