Sam McDowell’s True Calling

When six time MLB all-star Sam McDowell hit rock bottom with his drinking problem he decided that wouldn’t be let that be the end of his story. Discover how, in many ways, it was actually just the beginning.

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A Voice for Modern Widows

An estimated 258 million women worldwide are widows. And many of them are younger women, suddenly left alone to raise families and keep their families afloat. Women like Carolyn Moor. When her husband died in a car accident, she floundered but then found her voice in helping other widows like her.

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Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton has faced stage 4 cancer and three brain tumors. He lost his high-profile broadcasting gig to two younger people. He was adopted and grew up pursuing a sport his family could barely afford. Through it all, one thing has never changed — he’s an eternal optimist. Get his tips for finishing first in your life.

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She’s on a Quest and She Won’t Be Stopped

Charmaine Gilbreath had a dream. And nothing, not even age, was going to stop her. She retired at 63 and enrolled at The DAVE School to study digital animation and special effects with some of America’s top teachers and experts. From there, she found herself overcoming obstacles inside the classroom and out, but she never gave up on her goals.

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