Amram Shapiro


Amram Shapiro is part King Midas and part alchemist. 

He’s helped lead two management firms, one bringing in more than $3 million a year, but that’s not why we wanted to talk to him. 

We wanted to learn more about his latest venture, one in which the odds were stacked against him. The odds of his success were pretty slim. How slim? He could tell you!

Amram is the author of “The Book of Odds: From Lighting Strikes to Love at First Sight, the Odds of Everyday Life.”

He tells us why he wanted to compile this encyclopedia of the probabilities of everyday life.

He also explains how he came up with his fascinating comparisons in his book. Before that, he says there was no way of comparing the odds that come from different silos of information. He said it surprised him to find similar odds for things from drastically different areas of life. 

Amran also gives us a sneak preview of his next project — compiling a book of odds for doctors to help patients better understand their odds in real-world terms.