Anson Williams’ Unlikely Mentor


You first fell in love with Anson Williams when he starred as Potsie Weber on the iconic TV show Happy Days, but he’s also done great work behind the camera as a director. It’s given him the great opportunity to reveal his creativity and his leadership abilities and to learn how great he is at handling and treating people.

Here’s something you may not know: he’s also an author. His book Singing to a Bulldog: From “Happy Days” to Hollywood Director and the Unlikely Mentor Who Got Me There really touched a Growing Bolder chord with us. It’s the story of his life, which at times has not been easy. He’s had to overcome obstacles, take risks and ultimately learn to believe in himself.

Anson explains the unlikely story of how this book came about and why he realized it was so important to share the things he learned from his “unlikely mentor” — his former school janitor Willie Turner.