Ari Seth Cohen


When you’re young, you typically don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what things will be like when you’re older.

But one brilliant, passionate young man is making us look at older people in a fascinating new way.

Four years ago, Ari Seth Cohen borrowed his roommate’s camera and started taking pictures of fashionable older men and women in New York City.

He started posting the picture on a blog, and now, he’s working on a film, has written for Vogue, Elle, the New York Times and has a new book out called, “Advanced Style.”

Ari says he was very close to his grandmother growing up and she instilled in him a positive image of growing older. But he noticed that his friends didn’t have the same point of view. So he wanted to change that by celebrating all the vibrant, older well-dressed men and women walking around the streets of New York, who always looked so independent and happy.

Ari says he was struck by the lack of visibility of older people in media and advertising and fashion campaigns and he wanted to change that.

He says he’s found his true passion in life and he’s already seeing its effects. He says the freedom of women featured in his photos is resonating with women much younger, and many have told him they no longer fear getting older.

Ari explains what the name “Advanced Style” means to him and how he’s seen these fashionable older women constantly reinvent their wardrobes without spending a lot of money.

Plus, find out how he hopes his photos change the current view of aging in this country.

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