Ari Seth Cohen


Ari Seth Cohen has launched a global movement, and it all started because he borrowed a camera and launched a blog showcasing fashionable older women on the streets of New York.

He called the blog Advanced Style, and it quickly became a best-selling book, which led to a documentary film. He’s just released his second book, Advanced Style: Older and Wiser, which highlights fashionable dressers from around the world, including men.

Ari explains the origins of his project and how it’s created a larger conversation about the portrayal of aging women in the media. He describes how older women and men are starting to take control themselves with their own social media accounts and putting out their own pictures of fashionable aging.

He also explains the exciting changes he’s seen in the world of fashion, where older men and women are finally being featured by major brands. Find out how he sees his project inspiring vitality among older people and optimism about aging for younger audiences.