Bernice Ende


Bernice Ende’s entire life revolved around dancing.

She was a classically trained ballerina who spent her life training, performing and then teaching.

But then she stumbled upon a new way of life that turned out to be her true passion.

Bernice learned about long riding — horseback rides that are 1,000 miles or longer.  Her first long ride was 2,000 miles and she was hooked on this life off the beaten path.

She’s sharing what she’s learned about life from a saddle. She says when you’re living your life at 4 mph with no cell phones, computers or music, your entire way of thinking changes.

As she nears the end of a two-year, 16,000-mile trip she explains how living in a tent and starting the search anew every day for food, water and shelter makes everything about life seem more immediate.

Find out what it’s like to spend a Montana winter sharing a tent with two horses and a dog and why, at 58 years old, she found a new goal in life — becoming the best long rider that ever lived.

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