Bob Lutz


What makes a great business leader? One of the most influential executives of the past 50 years has a pretty good idea.

Retired General Motors vice chairman Robert Lutz is the man responsible for history-making cars such as the Pontiac GTO, the Chevy Camero, the Dodge Viper, and most recently, the fuel-efficient Chevy Volt, the most awarded car in automotive history.

He’s 81 years old, still working and has never been afraid to speak his mind. In his new book, “Icons and Idiots: Straight Talk About Leadership,” Lutz shares what he’s learned from the people he’s worked under and with over the past several decades.

For the book, Lutz says he examined everyone from his high school teachers to his Marines drill instructor to top auto executives to unravel what makes some people successful leaders, pointing out the oddities that often go with very successful leaders.

He says he’s discovered the one characteristic that must be present in order for someone to be a good and successful leader.

What is CEO Disease and why are mandatory retirement ages bad for business? Lutz weighs in.

Plus, he shares details on his new pet project, the Destino, a restyled Fisker Karma that’s powered by a LS9 V8 engine from a Corvette  ZR1. He describes some of the technical issues with bringing this reported $180,000 car to market and how his team is developing new technologies.