Bob Morris


For a while, Bob Morris spent most of his time posting personal ads, sifting through profile images and reading about potential dates for his 80-year-old dad! He had been enlisted to help his father find a hot boomer babe, but he got a spark in his own relationship with his dad along the way.

Morris, a former New York Times columnist, didn’t know what to expect when he set out to find his dad a date, but it was so crazy that he thought it was good enough for a book. “Assisted Loving: The Tales of Double Dating with My Dad” is not only a love story, but a story about the importance of a father-son relationship.

Although he was a little (OK, maybe a lot) taken aback by his father’s request, their search helped Morris see older people in a new light.

He talks with Growing Bolder about what sparked him to write the book and his own search for that special someone.