Bruce Kulick


To fans of rock guitar, Bruce Kulick holds a place of ultimate respect. He’s not a founding member of KISS, but he was lead guitarist for a decade, helping craft the sound of five successful albums.

And just as important as his music, is his personality. He’s the ultimate team player who believes individual ego takes a back seat to the good of the entire band, and that is pretty rare in the music business.

It’s part of the reason he’s had such a unique perspective of rock over the last three decades. He played guitar for Meat Loaf on the very first Bat Out Of Hell tour, he played on several Michael Bolton albums and for the last decade, he has been the six-string force behind yet another iconic band, Grand Funk Railroad.

This year the band celebrates its 40th anniversary of existence. He’s a great storyteller with a passion for his craft. He’s one of those few who is exceedingly grateful for every opportunity he’s been presented with and takes the time to pay it forward.