David and Carol Porter


In these tough economic times, many families are discovering that necessity is the mother of reinvention.

David and Carol Porter thought they had done everything right. They worked hard for years and saved their money carefully to achieve one wild goal — retiring at 50.

They reached their goal and thought they were set for life. But then the economy tanked. Within months, nearly 45 percent of their nest egg was gone. Suddenly, they had to figure out a new plan.

David says it took them a few months of licking their wounds but they knew one thing — they could no longer be retired for the rest of their lives. They started figuring out what to do with the rest of their lives.

Carol says they knew they wanted to find something that they were passionate and excited about.

They loved to travel and even though most of their money was gone, their passion for traveling had not disappeared. They realized others also needed a new way to figure out how to still see the world, on a lot less money.

They launched TheRoamingBoomers.com, an online luxury travel magazine dedicated to tracking down the best travel deals and steals for Boomers.

Carol says people want to travel but they don’t want to spend the time to do the homework finding the best restaurants, places to stay and activities for Boomers. That’s where the Porters come in.

Find out about their efforts to build a massive online resource for travelers, especially those traveling on a tight budget.

Plus, find out their tips for anyone looking to redefine what it means to retire and how to find something that will keep you alive and awake for the rest of your life.