David Fishof


Still holding on to your rock and roll dreams? Stop dreaming and start living.

David Fishof is the founder of Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, which allows people of all musical skill levels to perform with major rock stars.

David says the camps help people live their dreams as well as answer questions about the choices they made in life. Should they have pursued music? Did they make the right decision going into business instead?

For one week, everyone from beginners to advanced musicians gather at one of David’s camps and spend time learning from and performing with huge stars like The Who’s Roger Daltrey, Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Ace Frehley of KISS.

David says the transformation in his campers is amazing. From the minute they sign up, he assigns them a list of songs to start learning. Once they arrive at camp, they write, record and perform an original song on stages like the House of Blues, Abbey Road Studios in London the club that made The Beatles famous, The Cavern.

He said he’s seen many campers leave camp and form bands and start touring. Many just do it part-time but the camp finally gives them the confidence to rediscover and pursue the passion of their youth.

Find out why David believes anyone can write a song and become a professional musician — at any age. And find out why today’s rock stars are much more willing to give back and interact with fans at events like Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp.

To find out about upcoming camps and to see pictures from past camps and concerts, click here to visit the fantasy camp’s website.