Don McLean


Don McLean writes quality songs. His song, “American Pie,” was named the fifth best song of the last century. Maybe it’s time for you to rediscover McLean. 

In the last few years, he’s been featured in a book called “The Don McLean Story: Killing Us Softly WIth His Songs,” and in the documentary “Don McLean: American Troubador.”

Don looks back on his career and describes how different his hopes were for his career when he was first starting out compared to what he sees happening in the music business today, particularly on all of the amateur singing shows that are so popular. 

And does he ever get tired of explaining what real meaning of “American Pie?” Don reflects on a career of very highs, including fainting fans, and lows and road back to happiness and contentment.  

It’s a fascinating conversation with one of the true masters about where music has been and where’s it going. Don laments the loss of melody in today’s music and discusses how he sees poetry being attacked in every way, from music to architecture to art, in today’s world.  

Click here to visit Don’s website to find out where you can catch one of his shows and to learn more about the book and documentary.