Don Most


Happy Days ran from 1974 to 1984 and it’s been popular in reruns ever since. The regulars on the show have become a part of our culture. As the years go by, we all start Growing Bolder, and now, one of the stars has reinvented himself.

Don Most made us all laugh as Richie Cunningham’s practical-joke playing friend Ralph Malph, but did you know Don is also quite the singer? After appearing in feature films and even directing a few, Don says he’s returning to his first love — singing. He’s earning rave reviews for his new touring show called “Singing and Swinging.”

He describes the gift that was his role on Happy Days but how difficult it was to break away from that type of role moving forward. Don shares his plans for the future and why he’s so passionate about singing that it’s something he would do — and has done — for free.

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