Dr. Mehul Patel


Aging isn’t always about how you look; sometimes it’s about how you see. As we get older, our eyes begin to change. The question is: do you know what’s normal or what could be a warning sign of something more serious?

Mehul Patel, M.D., is a comprehensive ophthalmologist and an assistant professor at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, and he joins Growing Bolder to offer his tips and advice for taking care of your eyes.

Find out what he says you need to know about key eye ailments, including cataracts and glaucoma. Plus, do you know the difference between an optometrist, an optician and an ophthalmologist? He’ll explain when you need to see which expert and why.

(Note: the UCF College of Medicine is a Growing Bolder content partner and a sponsor of Growing Bolder.)