GB Radio Show: An Hour With Roger McGuinn


It’s a very special episode of the Growing Bolder Radio Show. Rock and roll Hall of Famer Roger McGuinn and his wife, Camilla, join Marc Middleton and Bill Shafer in the studio for the full hour!

As an added bonus Roger brought a special surprise — his guitar!

Come spend an hour with the founder of The Byrds as he not only tells you but plays how “Mr. Tambourine Man” underwent major changes before it became the smash hit that you know and love.

Plus, Roger uses his guitar to explain how much Elvis influenced him as a teen in the Midwest and how he started playing what he describes as folk songs with a “Beatle beat.”

He describes the early times of The Byrds, from playing Jane Fonda’s birthday party to hearing “Mr. Tambourine Man” blasting from a convertible full of people, even though the members of the band couldn’t yet afford cars.

Roger also looks ahead, explaining how he’s become such a technology geek and how it’s given him more control than ever over his music.

It’s a rare and intimate look back at Roger’s 50 — yes, 50! — years in the music business.

And Camilla shares the secret of their 32-year marriage — their faith. She explains how daily devotions and their close relationship with God continues to make their marriage stronger and stronger every year.

To keep up with the McGuinns’ adventures, check out Camilla’s blog The Roadie Report on

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