Ian Usher


Do you ever wish you could put everything behind you and start over with a clean slate?

That’s what Ian Usher was hoping to do but he may have gone too far when he put his entire life on sale on eBay.

He made headlines all over the world, and that was just the beginning of an incredible adventure that took him from the Great Wall of China to hanging with Richard Branson in London and raising a significant amount of money for cancer research.

He tells his life-changing stories in his new book, “A Life Sold.”

After he sold his possessions, he Ian says he knew he needed a plan. So he decided to tackle a list of 100 goals and he gave himself 100 weeks to accomplish them.

We talked to Ian from his new home in Panama about what he sold, what in his personal life made him decide to pursue such a drastic course of action (you just knew there was going to be a story of heartache) and whether his new life is what he’d hoped it would be.

Plus, Ian offers tips for what others can and should do to experience some of what he has … without selling all their belongings.

Click here to visit his website and learn more about the book and see photos from his adventures.