James O’Connor


Do you swear too much? Maybe it’s time you learned to curb your cussing.

James O’Connor is the president of the Cuss Control Academy, and he’s written the book on swearing, “Cuss Control: The Complete Book on How to Curb Your Cursing.”

He says people ask him all the time how he could write a book on swearing. He says he’s come up with 25 reasons why we should reduce, not necessarily eliminate our swearing. Some of his reasons include: swearing still offends a number of people and it influences the way people judge you and your intelligence.

Jim says cursing represents our society’s decline of civility and manners. He said one of the things he wants people to remember is that they shouldn’t confuse their right to free speech with civility and manners.

Find out which word Jim thinks is the most powerful curse word and how he himself wasn’t able to eliminate cursing altogether — just curb it.