Jean Beliveau


For anyone who’s ever had to struggle financially, you’ll find the story of Jean Béliveau very interesting … and very radical. 

The Montreal businessman’s neon sign business was failing. He’d worked hard his whole life but still struggled to make ends meet. On the day he turned 45, he thought there had to more to life. 

So he went for a walk. It was a walk that lasted 11 years and took him across six continents, 64 countries and 47,000 miles. 

By the time he was done, his walk had become the longest uninterrupted walk in history. 

Now 56 years old, Jean tells us what he learned about life and people from the 1,600 families he stayed with around the world. He explains how he used the walk to promote peace and non-violence for children everywhere and what his own wife and family thought about his adventure. 

Plus, find out which countries he plans to return to and what’s next for this worldwide traveler. 

Click here to visit Jean’s website and see pictures from his travels.