Jesse Cutler


Jesse Cutler is a man of many talents. He is a musician, a composer, an actor, a producer and, a few years back, he was the centerfold in Playgirl magazine!

He was part of the original cast of Godspell, performing in more than 800 shows and earning a Grammy for the musical score. He looked back on those experiences in his book, Starlust: Price of Fame.

Jesse talks to Growing Bolder about some of his extraordinary life experiences, including playing in a band at the homes of people like Sammy Davis Jr., Barbra Streisand and the Rolling Stones, when Jesse was still a teenager.

Jesse explains how the lessons he learned from his father still motivate him today to keep growing and keep exploring. Plus, find out why he has a love-hate relationship with his early fame and listen to the cautionary tale he has for parents considering putting their children in entertainment.