Jim Hobart


Do you have a passion project? It can be something you work on that gives you great satisfaction and is your way of making a contribution to the world. A passion project can be something big or something small; it can be related to your current work or not at all; it could be something that you make money at or not. It’s simply something that gets you out of bed in the morning, anxious to make a difference.

Jim Hobart has a passion project called the Legacy Life Project. Hobart has been a professional photographer since the day he graduated high school. He’s the founder of Macbeth Studio, where he and his team are in great demand for photography and videography projects of all kinds.

Listen to our conversation with Hobart to learn how a tragic missed opportunity with his father inspired him to finally put this long-simmering idea into action. Then, check out our video feature to see how Legacy Life Project videos are bringing precious family memories to life.