Joan Lunden


For nearly two decades, America woke up with Joan Lunden. The former “Good Morning America” anchor held that position longer than any other host in morning show history.

After leaving the anchor chair, she became a New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker and now creator of a line of home decor products.

She’s also the mother of seven children, including two sets of twins, ages 6 and 7.

How does she do it all?

“My husband owns summer camps for children. We run our home like a camp,” she tells Growing Bolder.

She says she’s always been an advocate for reinventing yourself. She says her new home decor line isn’t the stretch everyone may think. She says for years, her home has been the center for her extended family’s parties.

Joan says she’s known for being incredibly organized and plans ahead to thinking up and throw a lot of themed, interesting parties. She wanted to help others entertain with the same excitement and style.

She also remains passionate about health, women’s wellness and home, speaking often about issues like having it all. She weighs in on the legacy of women’s lib and how she sees it affecting today’s mothers who struggle to balance home and work lives. As a member of the sandwich generation, she also describes the challenges of taking care of your children and your parents.

Plus, find out what Joan thinks about ageism in the media, particularly TV news. She speaks about her personal experiences being pushed aside for younger replacements.

And Joan weighs in on the differences between her time on TV and the way she sees political bents and biases creeping into journalism today.

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