Kathryn Harwig


Kathryn Harwig is an internationally known psychic and intuitive who says there’s a natural reawakening of our psychic ability after the after of 50.

In her new book “The Return of Intuition,” she says she wants to help people learn to trust their own intuitive natures.

Similar to having athletic or musical talents, Kathryn believes we’re all born with some natural intuitive skills but our society does not encourage or honor those abilities.

Kathryn says she’s always known that she possessed intuitive skills, even when she was leading a “normal” life by attending law school and then becoming a lawyer. But she believes that as we age, we can all have a profound intuitive awakening — if we’re willing to pay attention to it.

For many people, the death of a spouse or child or an illness can be a significant trigger for intuitive or psychic ability, Kathryn says.

She says many of us have had experiences where we just know something, even if we can’t explain how we know it. The trick is to trust it.

Kathryn explains how you can start listening to your inner voice and using it to improve your life.