Ken Jeong


Ken Jeong always wanted to be a comedian, but he focused on his studies and it paid off. He graduated from high school at the age of 16 and headed off to college, then medical school, but his dream never died. After a few years practicing medicine, he decided to go for it.

And audiences are lucky he did! He delighted fans with his star-making turns in the show Community and in hit films like The Hangover and Knocked Up.

He also got the opportunity to tap into his life in his own TV sitcom, Dr. Ken, which he created, wrote, produced, directed and starred in. Before it was canceled, he called it a sort of alternative timeline of what his life could have been like had his comedy career not taken off.

Ken talks to Growing Bolder about his unlikely stardom and offers his advice for chasing your dreams, no matter how unlikely they may seem.