Kenny G


Kenny G is one of the biggest-selling instrumental musicians of the modern era and one of the best-selling artists of all time, with global sales totaling more than 75 million records.

In a career spanning almost three decades and 23 albums, the Grammy Award winner is the world’s premiere contemporary jazz artists and he’s set to release his 14th studio album.

Kenny joins Growing Bolder to talk about his long and successful career and to reveal whether Kenny the man is as easy-going as Kenny the musician.

Plus, just in case you think the world’s most successful instrumental musician was born this way, he reveals that a surprising story — he didn’t even make his high school band. Find out how he overcome that disappointment and how it fueled him to get better.

He also shares some other stories that you may not know about him, such as his passion for trading stocks, which led him to being one of Starbucks’ first investors. And did you know he’s been called one of the best golfers in music? He describes how his career has allowed him to hit the links with some of the world’s best golfers and what he’s learned from teeing off with them.

He also describes the odd phenomenon of his song, “Going Home.” Over the last several years, it has somehow become one of the most popular songs in China and is usually played at end of events or at closing time at bars and restaurants. What does Kenny make of this? He talks about he’s even changed his own shows in China to pay tribute to the support the song has received there.

We also play a clip from his new album, “Brazilian Nights,” which pays tribute to one of his favorite styles of music, Bossa Nova.

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