Leah Ingram


These days, everyone is watching every penny closer than ever.

One expert says we shouldn’t focus so much on cutting back. Rather, we need to all learn how to get more creative and get more value than we’ve ever gotten before.

And Leah Ingram wants to help you learn how.

She’s a regular on the networks and local stations across the country and she’s the author of 14 books. She also shares her money-saving tips on her website SuddenlyFrugal.com.

Leah says her tips can save a family like yours up to $25,000 a year.

She explains how her family, like so many other Americans out there, were victims of the housing crisis, which forced her family to live more frugally than ever. She also explains how she’s different than the “cheapskate” bloggers out there.

Leah offers five tips to help everybody put $500 back in their monthly budget. From the food you’re buying to tips for bringing your monthly bills down, she shares her easy ways to save money without feeling like you’re scrimping.