Lois Joy Johnson


As the former beauty and fashion editor for More magazine, Lois Joy Johnson has worked with everyone from Christie Brinkley to Cheryl Tiegs to Elizabeth Hurley.

Along the way, she’s learned a lot about what works (and what doesn’t work) for women over 40.

She’s sharing those tips in her new book, “The Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age.”

Lois says there are a of of beauty books out there but none were being honest that women over 40 have specific issues that need to be addressed.

For many women, life is just getting started at 40. Whether it’s new relationships, new jobs or relocating, there are a lot of opportunities to put your best face forward. And Lois believes looking good is part of the way you package yourself.

When you’re in control of your looks, you’ll automatically be more confident, and Lois says confidence is the most important thing any woman can have in her bag of tricks.

She offers specifics tips for ways to not look tired, how to simply and cleanly make your eyes and face look their best and she reveals the one cosmetic procedure she wishes women would never get.

Lois says there’s a big difference between looking young and looking youthful. Find out how to master the art of looking good, at any age.