Lorna Luft


Lorna Luft is an amazing performer who hasn’t yet found anything at which she can’t excel.

She’s a celebrated live performer on stage, in film and on TV, a best-selling author, a recording artist and and Emmy-nominated producer.

She’s also the daughter of the legendary Judy Garland and Sid Luft and the half-sister of Liza Minelli.

Lorna made her debut at age 11 on the “Judy Garland Show.” Did she always love performing or was she talked into it?

She also talks about her new project. She’s currently headlining the new season of the Palm Springs Follies and its all-new show, “Dance to the Music.” The Palm Springs Follies is inspiring in so many ways, including the fact that its cast includes some amazing performers, all of whom are in their 50s and up.

Lorna also shares stories with us about growing up amongst her parent’s peers, people like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, who just happened to be famous. Plus, find out how her parent’s poker parties, which included the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Lauren Bacall and Dean Martin, inspired the now iconic moniker The Rat Pack.

Lorna also explains how the tough economy is even affecting Hollywood these days. She says there are too many performers and not enough jobs, so she’s grateful to find a job in these tough times.