Lorrie Morgan


If there’s a theme in this country music legend Lorrie Morgan’s life, it would have to be overcoming obstacles. Yes, she was born in to a country music family, her father George was quite successful, but he died suddenly when she was 16. It was the first in a series of tough blows Morgan would face in her life.

But through the failed marriages, broken romances and shattered finances she has mananged not just to survive it all, but to come out with the true Growing Bolder Spirit. You see, Morgan has placed more than 25 singles on the charts, and she hit number one with three of them. She says the stage is the only place she feels completely at home.

She’s released an album of some of her favorite covers, all recorded the old fashioned way, all at once, without overdubbing! And she’s anxious for the release of her next album which she tells us is more personal than anything she’s written. But as comfortable as the country stage is, she’s forcing herself to step into new arenas to break out of old routines and keep her spark for life alive.

Morgan will be stepping onto the Broadway stage in the play “Pure Country.” Oh, she’s also an entrepreneur in the restaurant business as owner of the successful Lorrie’s Hot Chicken Café. Now in her mid-50s, instead of slowing down, Lorrie is back and then some with renewed passion and the courage to take risks.