Mark Farner


Do you know which rock group broke Shea Stadium’s attendance record? Yes, it was the Beatles, but do you know who broke the Beatles’ record?

It was Grand Funk Railroad.

In 1971, the band sold every ticket in just 72 hours.

With songs like “We’re an American Band” and “The Loco-Motion,” Grand Funk Railroad was one of the most successful acts of the 1970s.

Mark Farner was the group’s lead singer, guitarist and songwriter (his former bandmate Don Brewer appeared on the Growing Bolder Radio Show in 2008. Click here to listen to the interview).

Mark says it was a special time, and every night, the guys gave their all to give their fans the best possible performance. Unlike so many other bands of the time, he says they saved their partying for after the show, instead choosing to hit the stage without any interference.

Mark takes us back to those days and says the most important lesson he learned then is that life is all about the love. That’s why he doesn’t hold a grudge against former manager Terry Knight, despite the band’s long, legal battles against Knight.

Now in his 60s, Mark is still making new music, including his latest solo album “For the People.”

He describes the lasting effect of working with greats like Ringo Starr and Billy Preston and how the energy of those who have died lives on in his music.