Mark Matousek


Are people inherently good or inherently bad? That’s the question writer Mark Matousek set out to answer in his new book, “Ethical Wisdom: What Makes Us Good.”

Mark is the author of several spell-binding memoirs, a contributor to O: The Oprah Magazine and The New Yorker, he was a senior editor of Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine and worked closely with the legendary Ram Daas on his book “Still Here.”

For his new book, Mark drew upon his lifetime of traveling the world to examine if humans are evil and if we possess selfish gene. With the world getting more dangerous and confusing all the time, Mark says he wanted to take a big picture look at how we’re wired and to see if we can work with our wiring to become better people who make better decisions.

He explains how his three years of research has forever changed the way he views the world, its people and himself. Plus, find out the surprising role gossip plays in keeping society healthy.

Mark also discusses his new projects, including a male version of the Vagina Monologues that’s dedicated to stopping violence against women. Also, he reveals what it was like working with two cultural icons like Warhol and Dass.