Monica Lewis


Monica Lewis was one of the most beautiful and graceful women to ever star on the silver screen. She was also a star on radio, in nightclubs, on albums and on television. She performed with Bob Hope, Danny Thomas, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. In the movies, she was an MGM style goddess, co-starring with Mickey Rooney, Victor Mature and Red Skelton.

Later, she appeared in movies like “Airport” and “Earthquake,” and she was the voice of Miss Chiquita Banana in commercials.

She is also the subject of a documentary called “Showfolk,” which highlights the vibrant, vital and engaging residents of the Motion Picture and Television Fund Campus. In 2011 she published her autobiography entitled “Hollywood Through My Eyes: The Lives and Loves of a Golden Age Siren.”

She passed away on June 12, 2015 at the age of 93. Several months before, she was a guest on Growing Bolder Radio, where, in one of her final interviews, she shared insightful and interesting stories from her early days in show business and how her work ethic allowed her to thrive and succeed when others did not.

Please enjoy this tribute to the talented, fascinating and inspiring person we knew as Monica Lewis.