Patricia Charpentier


How much do you really know about your family history? There are incredible websites out there that make researching your family’s past easier than ever. 

The simplest way is to talk to your parents and grandparents about family histories, but the tragedy is that many of us don’t start getting interested in family history until those people aren’t around to tell their stories anymore. 

One woman wants to help others learn how to tell their families’ stories. 

In her book, “Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time,” writer Patricia Charpentier offers tips for getting started on what can seem a daunting and overwhelming process. 

She explains what’s caused this surge in family history research and what prompted her own interest in her family’s history. 

She reveals funny stories she discovered about her ancestors, even if they were never the people who made it into the history books. 

She says she was afraid to start shaking the family tree and see what fell out but learned through the process that people shouldn’t be afraid to discover unsavory characters in their families’ pasts — those are the best and most interesting stories out there! 

For more information, including details on her book and classes to help you learn how to take your family history and turn them into stories, visit Patricia’s website