Patricia Schultz


She’s been named one of the 25 most influential women when it comes to travel and she’s the author of the best-selling travel book of all time!

So when Patricia Schultz offered to share some of her advice for getting great deals, enjoying your time on the road and making memorable journeys, we jumped at the chance to speak with her.

Schultz’s “1,000 Places to See Before You Die” is a must-read, but she admits that in her years of seeing the world, she’s found some duds along the way. See how she spins even her negative adventures into great stories, how she keeps her content fresh and what she does to make sure she’s as safe as she can be.

Plus, get her take on some of the places that have gotten better over the years, what her own travel wishlist looks like, and why she totally understands why some people would prefer to visit the same place over and over.