Rip Taylor


There are some guests we invite back for encore appearances on the Growing Bolder Radio Show because they have something important to say. Then there are those we invite back just because like to listen to them say it – no matter what it is.

Rip Taylor is one of those guests. You know him as the legendary entertainer who has been called the Prince of Pandemonium and the King of Confetti. He’s worked in Vegas, Hollywood, on Broadway and he’s starred in TV shows and movies.

But now he’s stuck in the middle of a controversy. On his official website, he’s posted the headline “Let’s End the Confusion,” and posted a picture of himself next to fellow actor Rip Torn. You see, Rip Torn was arrested in January after he broke into a Connecticut bank carrying a firearm. Police said he was drunk and thought he was breaking into his own home.

Rip Taylor said people keep mixing up the two Rips and he’s even lost a job due to the confusion. He said they may share a first name, but that’s where the similarities end.

“Even Ray Charles could tell the difference,” Rip told us.

Rip is also revealing why he’s lost more than 40 pounds in the past couple years. After telling the story, he even got a new joke from GB Radio’s Bill Shafer for his routine (Bill will be looking for the royalty check in the mail).

Plus, he got a lot of his early breaks on Johnny Carson’s show. Find out what Rip thinks of the state of today’s late-night shows (here’s a hint: no matter who’s hosting the Tonight Show, Rip’s not a fan).