Rita Rudner


Seven-time comedian of the year Rita Rudner is 54 and according to her, she still has it. And “It” is a successful comedy career, New York Times Best-Selling books and a lasting marriage.

Surprisingly, Rudner started her career on a different path. At 15, she made a move to New York to become a Broadway Dancer. But that changed and the switch to comedy has been her ticket to stardom. 

She has a comedy show in Las Vegas with her dog Bonkers and is lined up for the first ever stand-up comedy special on PBS. 

Breaking the stereotype of successful women who can’t have happy families, Rudner is the proud mother of an adopted 6-year-old girl and has been married to British producer Martin Bergman for 20 years. 

Rudner talks with Growing Bolder about her newest book, “I Still Have It, I Just Can’t Remember Where I Put It!” and what she thinks is the secret to a happy marriage.