Roger Daltrey


Do you realize it’s already been 50 years since “My Generation” was released? The song is still very much alive and so is the band that gave it life.

Moon, Entwistle, Townsend and Daltrey were four somewhat troubled, anxious and rebellious kids who formed The Who, a band that made an incredible contribution to music, culture and our lives.

Roger joins us from his home in England to discuss the band’s time in the studio and their upcoming, The Long Goodbye Tour.

Find out why the ticking hands of time are actually making him enjoy playing the songs and music now more than ever.

Roger marvels that his music and other songs from his generation have turned out to be much more long-lasting and relevant than he ever imagined.

And what about that famous line, “I hope I die before I get old?” Roger explains why even in his 70s, he still believes that’s true.

It’s a fascinating and inspirational conversation with one of the greatest rockers of all time, during which he reflects on the enduring power of music and the disappointing prevalence of evil in the world today. Find out how he’s trying to do is part to spread good, particularly in his work with teenage cancer patients.

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