Susan Graver


Did you know QVC broadcasts live in the United States 24/7 and ranks as the number 2 television network in terms of revenue, with a new revenue of more than $8 billion?

That’s just in the U.S. QVC has been transformed into one of the world’s leading ecommerce and mobile commerce retailers and its programming is now distributed to more than 350 million homes worldwide.

Susan Graver recently celebrated her 25th year on the air at QVC as its in-house fashion designer. During the past 25 years, she has built one of the world’s top fashion brands.

She explains the beginning of her relationship with QVC and how it changed her life forever. In fact, she reveals how she was close to walking away from her fashion dreams before the QVC deal due to her hectic life raising three young children. She explains why your dreams are always worth pursuing and how things can turn around in an instant.

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