Suzelle Poole


If you want to stave off the effects of aging for as long as you can, if you want to live a life filled with purpose, joy and adventure, the key is physical activity. It doesn’t matter what you do; as long as you do something.

Madame Suzelle Poole has been doing “something” for nearly her entire life and at the age of 77, she’s still going strong.

Suzelle is a teacher, choreographer and dancer at the Royale Ballet Dance Academy in Dallas. She teaches dancers from ages 3 on up and she herself dances on her toes for two hours every day. She’s also committed to making a difference in the lives of others, so she performs at schools and nursing homes as often as possible.

She explains how she’s been able to keep dancing long after other ballerinas hang up their shoes and shares some of her tips for staying active.