Tess Vigeland


For more than two decades, hers was a familiar voice on public radio stations across the country. Until recently, she was the host of Marketplace Money, a weekly personal finance program. 

Then, she quit her high-profile job without knowing what she was going to do next because she was bored and ready for a new challenge. 

Tess Vigeland explains why she decided to jump, even though she had an “awesome” job and it meant going against the advice she’d been giving on her show for years.

She answers the two questions she gets most: how did she know it was time to leave and how did she know it was going to work out.

Find out what exciting new projects she’s working on now and why she’s still uncertain about what she’ll next, something that’s both terrifying and exhilarating. 

Tess describes why it’s been such a struggle to figure out what her identity is now and how she finally realized she still has plenty of value beyond being “Marketplace’s Tess Vigeland.” 

And what’s it like when your dream job comes along … and you don’t get it? She shares the truth about her bid for a high-profile NPR job that came up short and what she learned from the experience. 

Tess is writing a book based on a high-profile speech she made at the World Domination Summit. Click here to visit her website and watch that speech and to learn more about her latest projects.