Delivering Love and Compassion


We’ve shared with you the excitement of the Growing Bolder Awards (the BOLDYs®) that celebrate the important contributions that older adults are making in every community in America. Today, we want to share the purpose behind our passion.

Yes, the BOLDYs® support our mission of Rebranding Aging® by showing what’s possible as we age, but they also help those who are less fortunate. There is a rapidly growing number of men and women in every community in America who are living longer than they had planned. They are outliving their money and the result is devastating. One in six older adults goes to bed hungry every night and waiting lists for programs like Meals and Wheels are growing daily.

The BOLDYs® benefit the Senior Resource Alliance in Central Florida and we’ll soon be making a version of the BOLDYs® available to honor those in your community who are Growing Bolder and to support the organizations in your community that are assisting those less fortunate.

Nominations for the 2017 BOLDYs® are now open. Click here for details!